Barber Shop Escape

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This barbershop here is pretty old and its walls and fixtures there are pretty vintage, but the place is still standing and only renovations have been done to it so it can keep in style. As a staff there, Martin can attest that the place is somewhat confusing, that’s because there are doors there in the place which belonged to the really old days and they are once used as living quarters by the workers there or just storage places. Martin even got trapped in there once but that’s when he had help, but that day though he once again in some trouble there and this time he doesn’t have any help.

Martin actually worked there for his usual barber offered him a job, he accepted and his main task was to close-up when the day ends. But that day though it seems that the shop had already closed-up, for he could no longer escape from there for the doors are now locked and he has nobody with him there for everyone had already left! Martin is getting concerned here but not too much for he still thinks this could just be a fluke or something. Well that’s a possibility, but this could also be another thing and he needs to escape before that becomes known. Escape players, want to help Martin here then so he can safely get out of the shop without damaging anything?

Barber Shop Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Barber Shop Escape

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