Escape The Yummy Cake Shop

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Christian works at the cake shop there and even though its just his first month, he already knows much about the place. But that day something weird and different happened though and now Christian was really concerned, confused, and also abandoned!

Christian was now alone in the shop which was very weird, his co-workers are always somewhere and they really never run-out of customers, but there he was alone and dumbfounded. Christian just discovered that the doors were also mysteriously locked and he couldn’t get out! Something absolutely spooky and weird is happening here, he really can’t take much more of this, that’s why he needs to escape now. Escape players, all of the doors are locked but Christian is sure there is one he can still escape through easily. Would you like to help him then so he can escape and be at ease outside?

Escape The Yummy Cake Shop is the newest point-and-click shop escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape The Yummy Cake Shop

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