Find The Project Analyst Game

Find The Project Analyst

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Check this rescue adventure here escape players! Find The Project Analyst is another point and click escape game from Wow Escape for more dose of fun with us everyday.

Suddenly, the luxurious and peaceful office wasn't so silent anymore, for after Tam and her team finished their meeting, somebody screamed for help inside that same office and when everyone tried to figure-out who could that be, they realized that it was their project analyst and he was quite hysterical, just like he had been abandoned or something. Tam is the first one to notice the analyst so she was the first to attempt in getting him out. Everybody went to go get some help, but that doesn't mean Tam is going to stop her attempt though, will she be able to rescue her project analyst quickly?

Escape players, some of the doors got mysteriously locked here and of course, that could explain why the analyst got trapped. Care to try the rescue adventure here with Tam and see if you can rescue her analyst to safety? Be careful then, for the doors are all locking by themselves and those could potentially lock you too inside the office. Good luck everyone, don't forget to have fun with us daily.

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