Skate Boy Escape Game

Skate Boy Escape

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Skate Boy Escape is another point and click escape game from 8b Games for more dose of fun with us everyday. Enjoy!

The skater boy who was one famous personality in the suburban area here had been so generous, that in every win he makes in the skate competition, he gives it to the area's committee to be used for development and other projects. One of those people he managed to help was Manny, on his hard-times, Manny would come-up to him and there was no other words to say, the boy would help no matter what. But one day however, the tables have turned suddenly, for the skater boy is the one who is in-need of help now. Manny received a call from the skater boy and at the moment, he was in-trouble in his very own house!

The skater boy just got trapped in one of the rooms of his own home and because Manny was the first he thought to contact, that's why he received the call. Manny needs to be on his shoes now for all he knows there could actually be more trouble than he knows. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure here for the skater boy? Good luck then everyone and have fun!


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