Find The Old Ring

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There’s this ring which is said to be quite the enchanted object and according to various sources, that object have been around since time immemorial. Nobody knows really where it came from but a lot of people through the generations have tried to find that precious item for it boasts extreme powers of luck to the wearer. Paolo knows very well of the ring and believes it is real for he had found very compelling evidences on his research, and in fact he might have found the location of it now and it’s not in an easy place to venture into also.

The ring’s last whereabouts is mentioned to be in an old cemetery which was a place 400 years old already, luckily the place is still there but when Paolo heard that the ring is last heard in such a place, he then thought he might be taking that item from a finger of a skeleton! He really doesn’t want to do that, but who knows it might just be in a box buried there, it might not be even in there anymore in the first place but he has to try. Escape players, Paolo is now in the cemetery at midnight, he has no choice but to venture there during that time for he doesn’t want to be seen digging-up something there during the day, will you help him out so he can get what he came for and leave?

Find The Old Ring is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.