Christmas Yard Escape Game

Christmas Yard Escape

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It is now dark in the neighborhood but the lights from the Christmas decors are keeping the place lit and shinning. Jade was out of the house and into the cold checking-out the decorations of the neighbors'. Well that's overall good but actually, Jade is really concerned for she got lost in the neighborhood and that's due to the fact that she doesn't really go out much, but when she did that night, bad luck immediately stroke and now she can't find her way back home! Plus the cold is getting her so she really can't think straight. Will somebody here help her?

It's Christmas and the snow is falling, everyone is inside except Jade who is still struggling to get home. Escape players, the kid will likely get in danger here if she is not aided soon, will you help her out to navigate until she gets help or find herself into familiar grounds? The holidays are good but for Jade who is still a kid, it is starting to become traumatic and we shall not give her a bad vibe about the holiday or even going-out of the house in general. Navigate the neighborhood and admire the decorations too along the way to keep the kid calm.

Christmas Yard Escape is another new point and click snowy neighborhood escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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