Find The New Year Gift Bag Game

Find The New Year Gift Bag

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The snow had fallen less that day, that signifies it is now safe to come down from the ski resort for the weather will stay as is for maybe an entire day, so there is no other time to leave but now or one will be stuck there for who knows how long then. Allen was going to do just that for the weather is now favorable, but something is stopping him though and he is not leaving without it.

Allen could not find the new year gift which he had purchased there for his family. Well if he really can't find that then he should just buy a new one right? Well he doesn't have much money at the moment and that's why finding it wherever it is in the area is still a sound idea. Escape players, Allen needs a little help here and quickly too for each minute there is precious to him, that's because the weather can very much shift quickly at a moments notice and that can be very dangerous. Help him find that gift in the snowy area here and hopefully it's not under some feet of snow.

Find The New Year Gift Bag is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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