Find The Snowflake (Mirchigames) Game

Find The Snowflake (Mirchigames)

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The forest all around the area is now covered in snow! Christmas is coming again and Marcus knows what he'll have to do, and that is to find a special snowflake which can only be found in the area and it comes only when Christmas is near and the snow is falling. How will Marcus be able to find that special snowflake with all of the normal snowflakes falling? Well he needs not to worry, for that snowflake often shines like a beauty and is very distinct from the rest, but there is a level of difficulty in finding those though, and one is that he never really knows if it has already fallen.

Marcus often waits an entire day for a peculiar light that falls from the sky, that means the snowflake had entered the area. At the moment he knows it had already fallen, for his motion sensing camera had captured it and he knows which area it might be. Marcus needs to collect that flake now for he had long been amazed of what it is, well every time he studies it the strange thing always disappears then, he doesn't want to make that mistake again and make his approach more gentle. Escape players, want to help Marcus here find a peculiar snowflake in the vast snowy wonderland?

Find The Snowflake is the newest point and click snowy retrieval escape game created by Mirchigames.

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