Find The Gun Game

Find The Gun

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Find The Gun is the newest point and click retrieval game created by Games 2 Jolly for more fun adventures here in a forest cabin. Best of luck!

There was this old house in the forest and it was quite serene and relaxing, but unfortunately the place is a part of the authorities' investigation for the murder weapon is said to be hidden in that said house, the entire area had now been cordoned and the work begins. As a detective, Liam must begin examining all of the exit and entrances in the place, every door and hatch which the house possibly has aside from the clues there scattered in the rooms, knowing those kinds of things would help in getting to the murder weapon which was a gun quickly and they might find other things as well. Will Liam find that hidden weapon somewhere in the premises?

Escape players, try the retrieval adventure here with detective Liam, use the absolute best of your skills and logic here for as a detective, you need to spot clues a mile away. Use the rest of the objects there as well but be careful though, for you might destroy any potential evidence which can help on the investigation. Have fun then everyone!

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