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Find The Golden Sword

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You heard the story of Arthur and his sword a dozen of times already. However, you still couldn't remember the exact events in the story. Likewise, you couldn't recall the characters in it. Your grandmother would gladly tell it to you all over again. But your little brother seemed to have enough of it already. You wanted to tease him with your grandma's stories so much. Yet your grandma wasn't feeling very well. So you decided to just figure out the rest of the story yourself. You were sitting by the window of their farm house looking out to the forest when your grandma approached you. She smiled and told you to go look for your answers inside the forest. You looked at her with a blank expression. She laughed a little then told you of the part of the story you always loved.

However, she didn't finish. She said that you would have to go to the forest to figure out how it ended. You looked at your grandma and she just smiled and nodded. You immediately left the house and headed for the forest in search for the sword. There was something so magical with the story your grandma told you. And you were so ready to figure it out. Play Find The Golden Sword outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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