Find The Christmas Wreath Game

Find The Christmas Wreath

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The city where you stop for a little rest is one of the beautiful sights of the night. You can't help but go through each decoration one by one. It amazes you how people can spend so much time in making such beautiful pieces. You somehow wish you can create the same. There's someone you really want to give it to. You can work on it the whole year and then give it at the last month of the year. You smile from ear to ear as you think of the possibility. So you take one wreath from the door to see it closely hoping you can replicate the procedures. But then you hear the bells already and you're thinking it must be time for you to leave. You rush over to Santa's side waiting for your departure. Yet Santa's just chilling near his sleigh.

You ask him if you're to leave soon. He laughs and tells you to study the wreath more. So you run back to the wreath. However, as you're about to round a corner, you see someone running away with the wreath. You run after the person hoping to have the wreath back. But you have to do a lot more to take it back. Play Find The Christmas Wreath outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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