New Year Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

New Year Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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You usually stay with your family until the new year. But for this year, you want to try something different. So a few days before the new year's eve, you book for a place away from your place. You want to try how it is to be independent. For the first few days, you think every little thing is simply exciting. You don't mind the mishaps that occur as you try to live alone. After a couple of days, you grow comfortable being with yourself. However, you never want to cut off connection with your family. So you start packing your things and look forward to seeing your family once more. It's a day before the new year begins. You think this is the perfect timing to reunite with your family. While packing, you're thinking about really moving out of your house to start an adventure of your own.

Then you head towards the door with this though hanging in your head. But when you turn the handle, you find it hard to do so. You're thinking it must be stuck because of some solidifying liquids. So you try to use the drier with it. Yet it still won't move. You can't stay here until the new year for your loved ones are waiting for your return. Play New Year Escape (Genie Fun Games) room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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