Find Spooky Treasure Witch Relief Game

Find Spooky Treasure Witch Relief

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The witch you know is more troublesome than you thought. After losing some items, she now wants you to help her release her trapped sister. You want to roll your eyes at her request. She's powerful enough to fight whoever gets in her way. But she's keeping a low profile these days. You wonder if it's because she needs some time to recover her powers. Or something is stopping her from showing her full powers. Whatever the case is, you have to keep on following her orders and release her sister. While walking towards the location, your mind wanders around the reasons her sister is captured. You don't even know she exists. But after talking to some of the witch's friends, you realize her sister doesn't possess as much magic as her. It's no wonder she easily falls in a trap.

You shake your head to clear it from the thoughts fogging your mind. Then in the distance, you see some sparks of hope as hints to where the witch's sister is. So you quicken your pace to get to them one by one until you find a way to free her. Play Find Spooky Treasure Witch Relief room escape game by Mirchigames.

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