Witch House Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Witch House Escape (Genie Fun Games)
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You knew it was a witch's house but you still went in. When you were still in grade school, your classmate had a collection of three kinds of magazines. One was about the cool stuffs for kids which included the latest toys and television and movie shows. The other one was about the stuffs most girls want. It was like for girly girls and although you enjoyed it, you could spend a month without reading it. But the third one was just plain magical. You weren't able to read the magazine or comics from the very first episode. However, it hooked you. It was about witches. And you felt like you were enchanted by them. They were just ordinary girls at first with varying personalities. They later on grew closer as they faced the struggles of both ordinary and magical lives.

You immediately wished you had their powers as well. However, you weren't able to find any magical things nor your relatives had anything to do with magic. So when you saw the opportunity to look into a witch's life, you grabbed it. But it seemed like the dangers of it slipped your mind. Play Witch House Escape (Genie Fun Games) room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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