Find Red Truck Key For White Dog

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Carl’s dalmatian dog can freaking drive a car! That’s very freaky indeed, but he might have a one in a million anomaly animal here and he is both lucky and unlucky. Lucky for him because this is somewhat of a miracle, and unlucky for this dog can use a vehicle which can damage properties and hurt people, in fact he had to rescue someone once from his dog’s doing. That day, Carl made an exception just so to demonstrate that his dog can really drive, but the keys to the red truck which his dog drives are missing so that needs to be found first.

Escape players, want to see Carl’s dog there drive? Find the key to the truck first then so that’ll be possible.

Find Red Truck Key For White Dog is a brand new point-and-click item retrieval game from Games 2 Escape. 

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Walkthrough video for Find Red Truck Key For White Dog

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