Tiger Rescue (Games 2 Escape) Game

Tiger Rescue (Games 2 Escape)
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The lush plains which was the perfect land for animals to roam around and live healthily, have been formed into a sanctuary and now more animals lives there up to the nearby valley thanks to the protective efforts of the company responsible for this. As the son of the owner of the place and the only kid there, Andre saw everything grow there especially the animals, he had seen a lot even though he is just a young lad, and because of that he now has a goal to inherit the place one day and do good for the wildlife living there. That day however, one of the animals which was isolated for it got sick, has a due to be released to the general population now and because Andre's father wanted to test him, he assigned the kid to release the animal which was a young tiger cub and Andre was absolutely delighted for he was finally useful!

Andre was absolutely happy with this, but there was a problem though, for he doesn't even know where to start! He doesn't even know where the keys of the cage are. Escape players, Andre here is not going to give-up though, he'll still fulfill the task and hopefully he can get this done for he wants to do more tasks there often. Want to help Andre here escape players?

Tiger Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.


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