Find Gift For Rossy

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Keisha’s friend was celebrating her birthday that day and she was surprised for she didn’t really know. Guess she’ll surprise her too with a gift she is just about to acquire. Rossy is the kind of person who really doesn’t want too extravagant and luxurious gifts, she likes anything that is given to her no matter what the color, shape, or kind is it as long as the person that’s giving her something was sincere. Keisha was different, for she liked to give gifts that goes way passed her budget, luckily she has extra that day which she may use, but the problem was where to buy however.

Escape players, Keisha is still scanning for a gift to give to her friend here, want to help her then so she can find one just right for her? Look around then and open your eyes for anything interesting, maybe do this quickly for Keisha can only excuse herself from her friend in such a short amount of time and if she blows this up, then her surprise will be ruined. Keep going then and may you find the perfect one.

Find Gift For Rossy is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Find Gift For Rossy

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