Grandpa Escape From House

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Martin have brought his grandfather to this area where a native tribe once lived, it’s now empty of people but there are still some stuff in the place and they are relics. It’s not very clear why the tribe here had left and never returned, that’s the job of some historians and investigators there to find-out what exactly happened. That’s the reason why he brought his grandpa there for not only he is fond of such places with old structures, but also he was a historian and maybe he can figure-out what happened here.

As expected, his grandpa was absolutely delighted where he was, he started scanning things like a kid in a toy store even though he is having a hard-time walking and he has a cane. Martin investigated on his own as well until, he heard his grandpa’s call for help and he sounded concerned! Martin was wondering what was behind this call for help, is it something good or something bad which needs a rescue? Escape players, come and check this game here and see whatever happened to Martin’s grandpa. See if you can help as well with this something he is about to find out.

Grandpa Escape From House is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Grandpa Escape From House


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