Fight Master House Escape Game

Fight Master House Escape

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A stranger approached you while you were enjoying your afternoon tea. He had a big built and he was wearing shades. You thought he was just mistaken. However, he came over the table to really talk to you. You asked him for his purpose and he simply replied he needed first aid. You raised your brow in surprise. Then again, he instantly cleared the situation. He said he recently came from a fight and needed a little help. You wondered where he learned about your knowledge in first aid. But he had a ready answer. So you helped him in any way you could. Then he invited you over to his house for a meal. He said it was his way of showing his appreciation. You tried to decline but he was insisting saying his family and friends would be there to celebrate as well.

You finally gave in to his invitation and you went to his house. It was quite big yet simple. You knocked on the door but the door was ajar. You called out to him but there was no reply. So you let yourself in to find the person. Yet no one greeted you as well and so you began to solve the mystery before you. Play Fight Master House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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