Fantasy Forest Cat Game

Fantasy Forest Cat

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The forest was a place you never thought you would find a kitten. There were a lot of people going in and out of this forest because of its beauty. But lately, you would see some strangers coming out of the forest. It seemed like they always entered the forest when you were already inside or when you were not yet around. You never saw them enter. And while inside, you never met them too. The forest just became a strange place. Yet you still enjoyed going there. You were mostly alone as you walked around it until you heard a soft mew from somewhere. You looked through the bushes and found an adorable kitten. It looked directly at you and even moved closer. You were very careful not to scare it away. Yet the kitten seemed to have been waiting.

You took it home to care for it. The kitten really liked being around you and avoided being alone. It seemed to be looking out for something. Yet you had to leave him for a while as you went to your workplace. Upon coming home, your kitten was no longer around. But it seemed like you could hear him calling you to save him. Play Fantasy Forest Cat room escape game by Mirchigames.

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