Classic Pearl Room Escape Game

Classic Pearl Room Escape

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The additional surprise bonus coming from your boss made you dream come true. For so many times you tried to book the classic pearl room of a house. However, you always had limited budget. And you felt bad for spending your savings on your desire for luxury. Then the big bonus came and you instantly had enough for a room. This house was always featured as a must experience. Its grand and unique design stood out. The white and gray interior just screamed elegance in any way you looked at it. It likewise seemed to have a minimalist feel to it. You simply enjoy the space you were in right now. And you couldn't wait to explore each part of the house. No one else booked for a room here. So you felt like you owned the whole space for the duration of your stay.

The house was really lovely. But you had to bring in your own supplies. You hadn't done this part yet. You readied to get out of the house to fill your supplies when you forgot about the keys. The caretaker gave it to you. But with your excitement, you must've placed it somewhere. Play Classic Pearl Room Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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