Find The Route Map In Desert Game

Find The Route Map In Desert

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The television in your house was rarely for watching news. You would sit in front of it and watch internet videos instead. If people would look through your search history, they would probably have too much of documentaries. Those that deal with conspiracies interested you the most. For the past few days, you were so focused on the secrets of the deserts. You had seen some movies about cowboys and Indians and treasures. You believed that those movies held some truth in them. And you'd be the one to prove it. Among the many caves and wide spaces in the desert, hid the treasures every human being would want to find. So to look for some clues about it, you listed all the information you could gather. You even paused videos to look for the specific locations. Your friends tried to invite you out of your house.

But they would just have to wait until you found what you were looking for. Then finally, you saw an item that would lead you to the rest of the things you wanted. A desert somewhere held a route map. You believed this wouldn't be hidden if it wouldn't lead to something big. Play Find The Route Map In Desert outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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