Fantasy Castle Game

Fantasy Castle

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Your class required you to visit many historic places in an island on the southern part of the country. You hadn't been there and you were excited. Then you went home to tell your grandma about it. She was listening calmly on the first part of your story. But when you reached the part that you'd be going there yourself, she stood up. She looked and with a serious tone, warned you. This wasn't how your grandma typically behaved. So you laughed a little at her strangeness. Yet she waved her hand and muttered her warning once more. She wanted you to be very careful and not separate yourself from the group. You promised her you'd be good there and wouldn't cause anyone any problem. It was the night before your trip. But your grandma's words still ring in your ears. You tossed and turned the whole night.

Your destination looked magical. You couldn't believe that you were there where a lot of history took place. But a surprise was waiting for you. Your superior brought you to Fantasy World where the Fantasy Castle stood. You were a fool for castles and you immediately entered one without securing the exit. Play Fantasy Castle outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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