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You never thought you'd be meeting your brother in Montgomery. He had such big plans for his life. And you would just gladly wait until he could squeeze some time to meet you. However, your work offered you a few days off to fulfill an assignment. It may had been destined for you to meet. Your boss assigned you to Montgomery just when your brother had a few days off as well. You surprised him and brought his favorite snacks from home. You toured to places he would usually frequent. And you got to meet his friends as well. This made you feel better about your distance knowing he had amazing people with him. However, his free days were almost over. And he needed to get back to studying. You assured him that you'd be fine on your own. Although, you knew he would still have doubts.

But you successfully made him go back to his school. He called you to check on your current situation and you confidently told him you'd be home in no time. However, you were still busy learning how to navigate your way in Alabama until you reached home. Play Montgomery room escape game by Hooda Math.

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