Fall Water Forest Escape Game

Fall Water Forest Escape

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That day, Fred needs a little whiff of moisture so he drove to the forest where bodies of water are both stagnant and flowing. The forest he went to has some history of being notorious in showing some pretty scary apparitions and eerie lights, but people just shrugs them off to forest gases and tricks of the light. That is logical though knowing that the forest is moist and has a lot of rotten organic materials, but as Fred continues to venture there though admiring the scenery, something happened and it was definitely not an illusion!

Fred got lost in the forest and the real problem now is the sun setting soon! Fred needs to navigate back right-now but he is having quite a hard-time with that, he is also concerned of taking a forest path there carelessly for there are a lot of them, any mistake can bring him deeper into the forest rendering him even more lost. Escape players, guess there is no other way now but to help him. Will you do so and test your skills as well? Go ahead then and may you get Fred out safely from the land.

Fall Water Forest Escape is new wilderness escape game developed by WoW Escape.

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