Audacious Lion Escape Game

Audacious Lion Escape

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The audacious lion lives in the town and is now a resident there, people respects it for it protects them and at times even gives joy to the children there. But one day when something happened to it though, everybody got very uneasy. For each and every time the lion is not up, then it's an opening for them to be attacked by anything, which those sinister things have been waiting to happen for years.

The lion is currently trapped in something and they are all in concern, for if somebody had done this then there is a high chance he or she is still around and is waiting for a chance to do a sabotage again. That's why as a resident of the place, Dennis decided to solve this problem right-now and quickly, that's freeing the lion now while there is still a chance. Escape players, Dennis is going to need some extra help with this though, will you be able to offer that so this rescue can be done extra quicker? Go ahead then, find items around the area and be ready of anything that will decide to stop you.

Audacious Lion Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.


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