Cloudy Water Fall Forest Escape

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The forest here is very enchanted for there are things there that cannot be explained and that’s why professional explorers continues to go there just to see more of the beauty of the place. This wilderness is called the misty waterfall forest and it’s pretty self-explanatory why is that called so. The place is littered with tall waterfalls and because there are high cliffs there, the wind plays with the falling water and that creates the mist.

That day, the explorer Lindon was there and because he had been to the place many times, he has come to the point that he doesn’t need a guide in this vast wilderness anymore, but he knows his limits though and he doesn’t go to uncharted areas there. But guess he made an exception that day, and unfortunately the results are dire. Escape players, Lindon could no longer find his way back to familiar places and he is hating himself for doing this, now this falls into misadventure which is a thing he doesn’t want to happen to him. Lindon must not give-up though, he needs to sit and think this out so he can carefully craft a plan to get him out of there. Will you help Lindon here so he’ll have extra help to escape there?

Cloudy Water Fall Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cloudy Water Fall Forest Escape

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