Fairhill Cemetery Escape Game

Fairhill Cemetery Escape

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Cemetery should be a place of peace. However, many movies depicts it as a place of chaos. Despite this, you still find peace and quiet here. When your mind is full of thoughts, you visit your relatives or even a stranger's tomb. Then you just sit there and breathe. Most of the time, you feel relieved after the long silence. Sometimes, you're quite disturbed as to how the people ended up in their tombs. You only visit the cemetery until five though. You don't stay too long because you want to give the dead their own time too. Or you're just not comfortable with the dark. Today you're back at the cemetery after a long day at work. Your colleagues had a bit of a fight and you were at the middle of it. Their voices are still ringing in your ears and you want to find silence.

So you return to the cemetery and sat near a different tomb stone. Slowly, the sky turns dark but you didn't move. You're thinking it'll just pass by. However, instead of the sun shining through, the surroundings dim. And then a man appear. He's looking for something and asks you to join his adventure. Play Fairhill Cemetery Escape outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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