Escape Seedling Afforest

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You are aware of what is happening to the world right now. There are so many issues that the earth is facing today especially the global warming and climate change. One of the reasons why this phenomenon is occurring is because we don’t have enough trees in the world right now. And also, people are starting to turn forests into subdivisions and villages. Deforestation is generally a problem around the globe and it makes you feel sad as an environmentalist. But you thought of a way on how to save the mother earth. Seedling afforest is a great way to start rebuilding a massive forest. Little by little, you know that the old earth will come back. Your goal is to turn deforestation to reforestation. This may take some time but it will be worth it.

You are sure that this will save mother earth but you have to save yourself first because you are lost on the Seedling Afforest. The land is so wide and you forgot your way out. Find a way to escape from the Seedling forest by using the object that you can collect. Escape Seedling Afforest is the newest outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Escape Seedling Afforest

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