Escape Room Baton Rouge Game

Escape Room Baton Rouge

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It's your first time at Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Everything in this place is perfect. However, it's kinda windy in the place. You were walking towards the ferry and ready to board home when a strong wind blew. Because of that wind, your ticket flew away. Unfortunately, you don't have extra money to buy a new ticket. The good thing is, you can ask help from the people of Baton Rouge. They are willing to help you out but only if you can also help them. They have their own errands to finish and you have to help them so they can help you. The thing is, you only have little time before the ferry sails. So, you have to be quick and do all of those errands so you can find a way to escape from Louisiana. Your logic is so important for those errands.

On the good news, there are clues and hints which can help you to solve this puzzle. Time is running low so you have to move right now. Escape Room Baton Rouge is the newest room escape game by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. Can you make it on time? Good luck and have fun!

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