Haunted Secondary School Game

Haunted Secondary School

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It's hard for you to move from city to city especially that you are studying. However, you have no choice because your parents work in this city now. So, there's nothing you can do but to transfer school. You are already in your secondary school. You searched for a new school in the city but this is the only school that you found. Because you are late for enrollment, you didn't waste anytime to go inside. But to your surprise, there are no students around the place. There are also no teachers and principal that you can talk to. You find it weird when you heard something from the classroom. It sounds like little children playing and when you looked at it, you didn't see any students. Instead, you saw ghosts.

That is not what you want your classmates to be like. You have to escape from this Haunted Secondary School as fast as you can. This is a lesson that you have to learn. You have to learn on how to escape from the room as soon as possible. Play this newest room escape game from Free Room Escape and use your logic to escape from Haunted Secondary School. Best of luck!

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