Escape Games - Stage 7 Game

Escape Games - Stage 7

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You feel like you are the greatest escaper in this world when you finished stage 6. What you didn't know is the fact that there is still another level that you have to go through. Seems like this escape game will never end but on the good note, you are having fun with it. You can't really complain about it. There is nothing you can do but to enter the next stage so you can move on with the next one. The rule is just the same as before. However, the puzzles that you will encounter are a bit harder. This is the stage where you can test your logic. The good news is, there are still clues that can help you to escape just like with the past stages. There are also new items that you can use for your escape plan.

But as stated, the puzzles are way harder so you need to use your logic to escape completely. The timer is your ultimate enemy in here so you need to move as fast as you can. Escape Games - Stage 7 is the newest room escape game from NSR Games. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and have fun!

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