Escape From Wooden Palace Game

Escape From Wooden Palace

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The old complex was once used as many things, from shops, to saloons, and even a stock-house for supplies for the nearby village which was once ravaged by bandits. Nowadays, the place is being preserved for there are is a lot of history in it and it's walls are really not the type that could last forever. That day, Nicholas enters the rooms of the complex to check more things that needs repairs and he only realized then that the place was actually pretty big. He had never been to the top floors so he never thought that the rooms above are wider. Nicholas was inside the place looking around which part should be supported more, but as he was inside the place however it seems like he needs more support there than the structure for he got lost!

Nicholas can just navigate back but what makes the situation different however is the doors and they could no longer be opened! Nicholas was very close to kicking it but he couldn't for it is older than him and has value. This can't be a prank also for the place is being preserved and playing around could damage something. This situation could be something or worst, something paranormal! Nicholas needs to escape from there right-now even if he has to do that with care, want to join in as well escape players and see if you can escape the place safely?

Escape From Wooden Palace is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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