Escape From Closed Council House Game

Escape From Closed Council House

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Elbert was asked to find something in the village's council house for he works as a sideline helper there and because all officials are busy with something, the only one who can do that now was him. Throughout the day, Elbert could not find what he was looking for, he was asked to do something else but he refuses and continues to find it because he never really wants to fail a task there. All the other officials now are leaving for it's their shift's ending. Still Elbert wouldn't stop even though everybody had left after telling him to just stop. That's one determined fellow, but it proved to be an unfortunate thing though for when he finally found what he was looking for and was now ready to leave the office, he found that the door was actually locked and he couldn't get out!

Elbert thought that somebody might have forgotten he was still inside and accidentally locked the place? That's very likely, but what was he going to do now? Elbert called for help but it seems that there was nobody around anymore. Now he needs to solve this on his own or he'll be trapped in there for the rest of the night. Escape players, come and test your skills and logic here to help Elbert escape. Find a way out of there and carefully too.

Escape From Closed Council House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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