Dairy Farm Escape Game

Dairy Farm Escape

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The dairy farm? Ron was a bit mystified why was he in the place. He was just napping in his car waiting for his friend to return after buying something from the convenience store and when he woke-up, he found himself in a farm and it's strange too for his friend and even his car were nowhere to be found! He woke-up standing on some lush greenery and he thought then he is far from the city now for any greenery except the city's park is quite a ways away. Ron is really dumbfounded why he was in the place and is bombarded with questions of how he got to there and who brought him? Did he do this himself? Why can't he remember anything? These questions makes the situation even harder for him for he is starting to grasp the severity of this weird happening.

Escape players, Ron must figure-out what's going-on here so he can then find his way back and safely too, for all he knows he could actually be very far from home than he expected. Join Ron here everyone and try the escape from the dairy farm.

Dairy Farm Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game from Selfdefiant.

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