Escape From The Train

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The bullet-train experienced a major malfunction and now it has stopped midway on the journey. As a train technician on-board, Tony did his best to move the passengers out of the locomotive at the moment while he sort this out and keep everything in-order. But as he was doing that, he noticed that some of the doors in the individual wagons would not open, that’s pretty weird. But little did he know he will have to open one of them now, for a father and a child was trapped in there!

At the moment, Tony has no verdict yet on what happened to the train, but he needs to get everyone out just in case something happens. He is now going to bring-out the best of his skills here for there are currently two trapped people in the train. Escape players, Tony has little to no help here for he was the lone technician on the train except for maybe the conductor who was helping Tony in his own way. Okay then, will you help Tony here in rescuing two trapped people and quickly while the scenario is still calm?

Escape From The Train is a brand new point-and-click locomotive rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From The Train

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6 months ago

I understand that G2M is trying to find its new style. The only pity is that G2M is searching in a completely wrong direction.