Help The Trapped Bear

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The land finally had its protection, for an order to keep all forms of life in the forest protected have just been passed and as a ranger there, George is now going to go around and check everything for in a few days more people will be arriving to further enhance the security of the area. A few more rangers were asked to do this task in different areas, and slowly now they are covering grounds there in the said forest. But as George arrives in an area there in the forest, he found something and that got him some confirmation of the importance of the task they were given here.

George found a cage along the path and in it was one of the native bears in the area! Now he knows why they have been sent initially, he has some idea but he was not positive. Okay then, he needs to free this animal for in his assessment, the animal seems to be generally okay, too okay actually for it was moving around the contraption trying to escape. George needs equipment to pry that thing open and for that, he will be taking some from base camp, and also he’ll report this situation too. Escape players, want to help George here retrieve items that can help in rescuing this bear?

Help The Trapped Bear is the newest point-and-click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Trapped Bear

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