Escape From Ravishing Place Game

Escape From Ravishing Place

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Escape From Ravishing Place is the newest point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy another escape adventure from an ancient but beautiful place. Best of luck!

Among the places that Jeff visited, this was the most stylish and grand thanks to the designs it possesses and even the ancient treasures which was being tightly sealed by its original receptacles, among all of that it's also being kept guarded by sensors and a few cameras, that is how valuable the objects there in that place. Jeff arrives and upon seeing everything, he was absolutely amazed how the people of ancient Egypt actually managed to make such stuff, it's also a bit weird for he came to the place and not one single visitor was present except him, maybe it was just in the timing, he said. But well he will come to see it in the end that it was not the case.

Jeff roamed around a bit on the grand ancient grounds and it was definitely more than he expected, but the story of amazement came to an end however, when he realized that he was actually lost in the place and because there was no one around, he could not get help from anybody! Jeff tried his best to catch the attention of the cameras, but it is another weird thing on why nobody would come to get him, maybe it's the curse of this place here or whatever. Jeff really needs to find his way out before something else happens that isn't good, escape players want to try the escape adventure here while in the shoes of Jeff and see if you can all escape out of the beautiful ancient place smoothly? Have fun!

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