Escape From Mine Tunnel Game

Escape From Mine Tunnel

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The mine which was meters under the ground is filled with different rooms, has ventilation, and stocks of different kind including food and water. Denver is currently there not because he was doing his job, but he is actually trapped! Denver knows what kind of trouble he is in here, for he works there and because his co-workers have already left, no help is coming for him until tomorrow! Denver doesn't know exactly how he got trapped there though, was it because he was too careless? He doesn't think so for he always follows protocol. Did somebody pull a prank on him? Quite unlikely, for they don't play pranks in such a place because it can be very dangerous when they do. Then what is going-on there?

Denver thought that the door failed and it failed while he was still inside one of the equipment rooms in the site. Troubles like this in such a place is very dangerous, that's why Denver needs to do the best he can in-order to escape through the tunnels. Escape players, will you help Denver here escape the mine and quickly too? Carefully then for at times fate can play things which can be dangerous and for a mine, that is an earthquake.

Escape From Mine Tunnel is a brand new point and click underground escape game released by Mirchigames.

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  1. Date: December 26, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    Generally speaking, when smart programmers risk including such a math problem in their game, they always set either a timer (so-so solution) or a Skip button. But this happens if they are really smart. [Reply]

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