Escape from Fort Ruins Game

Escape from Fort Ruins

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An ancient fort in your city is famous far and wide. It got its fame because it housed the most infamous criminals a long time ago. However, the prison stands empty as it is not safe anymore and because of lack of funding. Even when you know that trespassing is against the law, you're curious to take a look inside of it. You need to because of a school project that you're enthusiastic on doing. Your grandfather served as a jail guard who is friends with the former inmates there. You decided to create a documentary so off you went anyway. You sneak in without knowing that it's dangerous. When you got inside the hallway, a part of the ceiling collapsed on you.

Escape from Fort Ruins is a point and click escape game in which there is a famous prison in your town. Explore the ruins, search for useful items and escape. Good luck and have fun!



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