Escape From Boarding House Game

Escape From Boarding House

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Larry came to stay in a boarding house for the day but it's not just any typical boarding house however, it is an old structure and possibly haunted too! A lot of strange things have happened there before and the accounts are countless now, that's one of the main reasons why Larry decided to check the place and stay there for possibly a week if he can. Before he knew it, three days have already passed as he stays in the place, everything was good at first until something happened on the fourth and it was quite a spike of an activity!

Larry couldn't get himself out of the place anymore for the doors including the main one could not be open! It was one such happening after slow days and the worst part about that is it happened quickly as well as mysteriously with no apparent reason. Of course Larry decided to leave then for even though he expected something such as this could happen, the aura became pretty dark and that's not good everywhere. Escape players, Larry will just return maybe one day with company but for now he needs to escape before more things happen. Come and join in the escape here with Larry everyone, be ready for anything.

Escape From Boarding House is a brand new point and click spooky indoor escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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