Escape From Boarding School

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Christine is now alone at the school for everyone is at the boarding lodges now for classes are done for the day. Christine have not left the classrooms at that moment for she was finishing-up something quite important. After a while when she felt like she had been abandoned there plus a feeling of creepiness, she decided to leave. But then she faced a problem which was not allowing her to leave the halls!

Christine could not open some doors and as she tried the other exits, she couldn’t budge them open as well! It seems that the staff had already locked the building and they didn’t know she was in. That’s very likely, okay now she needs to escape on her own there then for nobody can really help her. Well escape players, would you like to help Christine here in finding a way to escape the building? Use non-forceful ways then so that nothing will get damaged there.

Escape From Boarding School is the newest point-and-click building escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Boarding School

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