Rescue The Girl From Hotel Game

Rescue The Girl From Hotel

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Samson is currently on a mission trying to rescue a girl who is the only one left in the hotel after it got evacuated for reasons that are still unclear. Samson and his rescue team are now checking behind every door in the place and is doing this mission as carefully as they possibly can, there is a lot of possibilities that can still happen here and it might not be safe for the team and most especially for the girl they are trying to rescue, that's why a quick mission must be done successfully. Escape players, will you be cunning enough to join Samson here and his team to rescue a trapped girl in the now deserted building?

Go ahead then, scan every room and hall there in the place and be ready for anything, for the fact that this situation is still not very clear makes it all the more dangerous. Use your skills and logic now and spot very tiny clues to help solve this quickly before it gets dangerous for everybody.

Come and give this rescue adventure a go everyone! Rescue The Girl From Hotel is the newest point and click complex rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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