Escape From Banana Garden Game

Escape From Banana Garden

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The day is silent for the wind is not really that strong to none at all, still a perfect time to check the banana plantation and for months Jonathan had been doing just that as a caretaker of the place. Each month, his job gets easier to the point that it's like a walk in the park to him, but that day however as he went in deeper for more bananas needs to be inspected, he got lost and it's the weirdest thing that had ever happened to him since he worked there!

Jonathan could not get himself back to the main pathway which will guide him to the warehouse, how could this have happened? He had done this countless of times but why such as this is happening to him? He noticed too that the plantation seems to be different. Maybe some paranormal thing had cast a spell on him or something, and that's causing him to walk around in circles? That's preposterous, but what if it's real, then Jonathan needs to find his way out of there right now. Escape players, will you help Jonathan here so he can finally get himself out of this weird situation in the banana plantation?

Escape From Banana Garden is a brand new point and click plantation escape game released by WoW Escape.

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