Escape From Ancient Palace Game

Escape From Ancient Palace

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The ancient place which Arman had gotten himself into was both of horrific nature, and somehow a bit calm as well as sophisticated. It was horrific because it looked strange and eerie, Arman couldn't really distinguish which is it but he knows there are parts of the place that are good. He came to the place in-search of an item and extensive research of his shows that it is hidden in there somewhere and can only be seen by the light of the moon. That night, the moon was shining bright and it points directly to the place, he thought he might be able to find it but of course, it won't be easy.

Arman knows people have tried to find anything in the place, and all they found was creepiness for the angel statues there according to them, moves and it would just stop when they are not looking! That's creepy indeed, but Arman still has his confidence and by now nothing can stop him from his mission there. Escape players, care to join Arman here on this escape adventure plus a discovery and see what you can find there?

Test your skills and logic on this one then, be ready. Escape From Ancient Palace is the newest point and click strange place escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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