Romantic Pink House Escape Game

Romantic Pink House Escape

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Some new customers who will be coming to the place requested that their romantic house to have a pink motif and of course that is a request so, they complied. Mark made that request for his girlfriend likes the color pink and he hopes she will appreciate it when they get there. Mark was the first one to visit the house so that he can really check the place and pay full for tomorrow is the time that they will be staying in the house. Mark checked the rooms and indeed it was what he had expected, and on some parts it was even more. The place is going to be perfect for them, but as Mark looks around however something happened and now he can't get himself out!

Mark just noticed that the doors of the house could not be opened and no matter how he called for some help from the employees there, it seems that nobody can hear him! Did they lock the doors thinking that there was nobody inside? Well it seems so, but Mark is going to still try to escape though and of course without destroying anything. Escape players, want to join Mark here as he tries his best to escape the place?

Romantic Pink House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games.

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