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Premier House Escape

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The suburban area has three levels and the first was nearest to the city which was the apartments, second are the family-size simple suburban houses, and the last are the premiere house which are luxurious and expensive. That is where Manuel and his family resides and because they are the kind of family that has more than enough in monetary assets, they have the capability to live there. But rich or not, being trapped situations can happen to anyone and that day because Manuel was alone in his home for his family was at the city, he experienced just like that and he couldn't get himself out of his house!

Manuel doesn't have a clue what was going-on and because his phone-lines are down at the moment, he can't call for anyone to help, his phone is missing too which made the situation a little-bit shady and worst. Someone might be pulling something here with Manuel, that's why he needs to escape fast and quietly before he figures-out what's really up and by that time it could already be too late to escape. Escape players, come and join Manuel here escape from his luxurious home without using any brute force or noise.

Premier House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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