A strange metallic door can be found in Escape Fan - Rusty Floors game.

Escape Fan – Rusty Floors

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Mercurio Howell is an aging magician at the height of his career. He is one of the greatest magicians in his time when magic tricks pull the largest number of audiences. Mercurio pride himself as thjegreatest act known in showbusiness. He was very strict towards his assistants but even more so, with himself.

One day, as he was performing his latest trick, the floor gave way and he fell to the icy water below. The circus was at the port and the venue was an old fishing warehouse. The stagehand had not checked the stage and the rusty floors on it. The Great Mercurio, despite falling on shallow waters, mysteriously disappeared. He had left behind so many contraptions that his assistants had set up in his honor. To this day, the warehouse sits abandoned and rumored to be haunted.

Let us introduce the newest Escape Fan game made by Ainars! This is a floor-escaping style game where you have to solve interesting puzzles and use objects to get out finally.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Fan – Rusty Floors

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