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Escape Citadel Peel

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Citadel Peel is the most famous castle in the valley. You went to Citadel for your History research and you found out that a massive earthquake came along on this same day, 20 years ago. The earthquake caused the castle to fall apart. This seems to be a good note for your research so you jot in down. He also gave clues on how to escape from the castle if ever a problem occurred. You were writing those notes from your tour guide when you suddenly felt dizzy. Moments later, you felt the ground shaking. Seems like the saying "History repeats itself" is right because an earthquake came again while you're inside the castle. Your tour guide ran away.You followed his trail but a debris fell on your way.

You are left behind. It was smokey and dark but luckily, you are alive and well. However, you lost your notes. Those notes contain clues on how to escape from Citadel Peel. Looks like you have to find your way out on your own. Use your logic to complete all the puzzles. Escape Citadel Peel is the newest outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games that will test your skills. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Date: January 3, 2017
    Author: dewed
    I set the six castles like the clue said. But it didn't open. [Reply]

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