Medieval Citadel Escape

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This huge medieval castle here have just been discovered recently, it is amazing that such a beautiful and big structure was able to evade people for centuries, now that it is found though experts are flocking to the place just to discover more of it. That day, Steve was there alone for the people there comes in batches, the last one had just left and he plans to leave together with the arriving ones later. He is looking for hidden passages there and the like, maybe treasures too if he is lucky, but guess he found something else as he roams around there.

Steve got lost and he thought he really underestimated the castle there, now it will bring-out the best of him. Escape players, imagine you are Steve here, will you be able to get yourself out of the citadel and safely without damaging anything?

Medieval Citadel Escape is a brand new point-and-click ancient place escape game from Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Medieval Citadel Escape

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